Football FAQ

UpdatedSunday October 31, 2021 byJake Tucker.

2016 Season

Q. My child had never participated before. Once I sign him/her up, what do I need to do next?

A. Once you have registered your child, he/she will need to be fitted for their equipment and uniform. Equipment and uniform fittings are on the Calendar page on this site.

Q. What is the cost for football sign-ups?

A. Mighty Mites through 7 th grade $140.00

Late Fee of $25.00 will apply after June 28th.

Q. How do I register my child for tackle football?

A. All registrations are performed online only. Visit to start the registration process. If you do not have access to the internet you may visit the F.O.R. office on specified dates to fill the form out online. Keep checking the calendar of events section on our website for a list of upcoming dates.

Q. Can I pay by check?

A. Online registrations require credit or debit card payment. Other arangements on a case by case basis may can be made concerning cash or check 

Q. What items should I purchase for my child to play football?

A. Certified NOCSAE Schutt or Riddell (Cardinal Color) Helmet, shoulder pads, hip pads, knee pads, thigh pads, practice (more currently, parents can purchase 'girdle' that takes the place of "7 piece pad set) and game jersey and pants, mouthpiece, cleats and optional athletic support.

Q. Why is F.O.R. not providing equipment?

A. More players are purchasing their own equipment each year to keep up with the improving technologies in helmet and shoulder pad construction. Also year over year we retrieve less of our equipment back into the organization thus increasing the cost of the registration fees. This year we are going to equipment coaches with more tackling dummies, hand shields, and half rounds. In the past this has came out of the coaches own pockets.

Q. Do you have scholarship opportunities?

A. F.O.R. provides scholarships for those who qualify for financial assistance. Contact a director or commissioner for more information and a scholarship application. F.O.R. has a limited number of scholarships available and are provided based on true hardship needs. Inquiries will remain confidential.

Q. How do I know what team my child is on?

A. Once the teams are formed, in late July, the head coach will contact you with team information including practice times and location.

Q. Am I responsible for purchasing my child's uniform?
A. Yes, F.O.R. has provides informaiton concerning where uniform can be ordered Normally cost will be $140 for Home & Away jerseys and one pair of pants. Normally, uniform will be used for 3 years unless provider has availability issues.

Q. Where do I purchase practice pants, practice jerseys, and/or football cleats?

A. You could purchase practice pants/jersey, pads, helmets and cleats at any nearly sporting goods store.

Q. What is a combine?

A. The combine is an opportunity for coaches to view all the children that will be participating in the draft for the upcoming season. The kids will need to wear shorts, t-shirt, and cleats for the combine as they will be participating in a few agility drills.

Q. Who needs to participate in the combine?

A. All new football players that have not already been protected to a team and/or any player returning to the draft. For the 2021 season ALL "NEW"  players and 3rd graders will be required to attend. There is no cost for the combine.

Q. How can my child get protected on a team?

A. Parents must complete a Player Protect Form from the requesting coach. These must be submitted to a commissioner or director prior to the INFC draft.

Q. Where and when will my child practice?

A. Every team practices at different times and locations. Your head coach will contact you and let you know the specifics of where and when practice will be held. Practices will be limited to a maximum of four per week (pads or otherwise), lasting a maximum of two hours from the scheduled start time per practice. Third and fourth grade teams are permitted to practice four (4) days a week for the first 3 weeks, after which only three (3) practices per week is allowed. Mighty Mites are allow 3 practices a week for a duration of 1 ½ hours.

Q. My child participated last year, does he/she automatically return to the same team?

A. Yes, unless you or the coach wishes to place your child back into the draft.

Q. What do I need to do if I don't want my child to return to the same team?

A. When you register your child, please indicate that you wish to return to the draft in the special request/comments section of the form.

Q. How can I have my child placed on a specific team?

A. Our draft rules are governed by INFC and are very specific. Please see the rules/regulations section of the INFC website. The address is

Q. How does the draft work?

Each year, teams will have returning and non-returning players. The open spots on the teams are filled from the draft; a pool that consists of new players or players who chose to be in the draft. First year teams may recruit and protect 4 players from the draft. Each year thereafter, the team will be allowed to recruit and protect 2 new players. Before leaving the draft table, Coaches will be allowed to trade players, but only those players that were selected from the draft. Existing or protected players are not tradeable.

Q. Does it cost to attend my child's games?

A. Yes, per INFC rules there is a gate fee. Adults are $3.00, Students (6-18) are $1.00, Seniors 65> $1.00, and children 5< are free. Players and cheerleaders do not have to pay gate.

Q. How are coaches chosen?

A. Coaches are interviewed by the Tackle Director, Coaching Development Director and other F.O.R. officers. We review their submitted application and make sure they have the aptitude and passion to coach young players. If you are interested in coaching download and submit the coaches application form.

Q. In the hot months how often will my child be allowed to get water?

A. F.O.R. coaches are required to supply players water breaks every 15 minutes or as needed. If you see a violation of this rule please call a director or commissioner ASAP.

Q. Why do parents and siblings have to pay to get into the games?

The money you pay at the gate goes into field maintenance, clean-up crews, electricity, trash and sewage, payment to referees, announcers, concession stand maintenance, insurance, and so much more.

Q. Who do I contact if I am having issues with the Coach or team?

A. First, always go to your Coach if you have any concerns and try to resolve them with him. If you feel that the problems continue or cannot be resolved, you can contact your grade commissioner, who can advise you on how to handle the situation. You are also always welcome to contact any of the F.O.R Directors. A complete list of the Directors and Commissioners can be found on this website.

Q. Will there be a fundraiser?

A. It is not mandatory but options are available for those interested.

Q. Does my child need to have a physical?

A. Yes, each year your child will need to have a sports physical on file with the office before he/she participates in practice or games.